Debt Consolidation

Use your home equity to reduce credit card debt.

Are you held back by high-interest rate debt? Get debt-free now and immediately increase monthly cash-flow by consolidating all your debts into one lower interest rate lump sum! In order to have a healthy financial portfolio it is important to know “good debt” from “bad debt”. A well-planned mortgage can help you turn your bad debt into good debt and get.


1.  Consolidate high interest rate credit card debt to one lower rate lump sum.

2.  Save money and increase cash flow.

3.  Reduce stress knowing that your financial situation is now manageable.


Contact us today to review your options and immediately start saving money. Why pay high interest rates on credit card debt when you can pay a much lower interest rate by adding it to your mortgage.


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I wonder why banks are not as customer focussed as companies like Majek Solutions. Perhaps they don’t care for my business as much Chief Francis and his team does!

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