Private Mortgage

Majek Solutions offers the opportunity to obtain private mortgages at minimal cost, with much more flexibility than you can imagine. When banks won’t give you all the money you need, Trust Mortgage lending fills the gap conveniently in a timely fashion.

At Majek Solutions we offer short term and long term private mortgages. Whether you are purchasing a home (homeowner), building a custom home (builder), and or are looking for quick cash in hand you have come to the right place. With numerous lenders and investors available to us, we are committed in closing your mortgage deal as soon as possible.

1st Mortgage


First mortgage starting from 5.99% & 1.49% Lender Fee in GTA!

2nd Mortgage


Second mortgage starting from 7.99 % & 1.75 % Lender fee in GTA!

3rd Mortgage


Third mortgage application is quick, convenient, and easy at Majek Solutions. 

Max Loan to Value

The maximum Loan-to-Value is 85% in GTA and surrounding areas!

24 hour approvals!

1st and 2nd Mortgages

1st and 2nd Low Documents

Pure equity lending

No appraisal necessary in certain situations

3-6-12-24 month terms

Up to 85 % LTV on residential

Up to 75% LTV on commercial

We see your Potential, We invest in your Future!

How can we help you?

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I wonder why banks are not as customer focussed as companies like Majek Solutions. Perhaps they don’t care for my business as much Chief Francis and his team does!

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