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With several years of experience in the financial industry, Majek Solutions is a Canadian financial services company that offers a diverse range of financial products and services to its clients.

All Majek Solutions representatives are licensed and trained to provide financial services, ranging from mortgages, debt consolidation loans, home improvement and loans. We also provide consultation services for those who are new to Canada and those who have bad credit scenarios.

Majek Solutions has international experience with residential and commercial properties and can advise and assist clients with helping them achieve their short-term and long-term property goals.

We are backed by immensely capable lenders who can finance from a small condo to a multi-million dollar commercial building. Depending upon your needs we work with these lenders and bring you great interest rates and additional benefits of working with us as opposed to working with a conventional lender like a bank. Our agents are passionate in their work and are fully trained to handle complex financial situations of people from all walks of life.


Why Majek Solutions?

Handling your financials and financial decisions can be time consuming, overwhelming, confusing and stressful. At Majek Solutions, it’s our duty to ensure that you are educated, informed and supported surrounding all of your financial choices. Our trusted and knowledgeable licensed representatives can help you get there, all you need to do is ask!

Purchasing a new home is a milestone that most people want to accomplish. Whether you are looking for a home in the suburbs, a condo downtown or something you want to fix up, there are several things you should consider before beginning the process. At Majek Solutions, we take the time to inform you and answer any questions you may have.

New Business Ventures

You’ve started your own business but don’t know where to go from there. We at Majek Solutions applaud you for taking the first steps towards your new business endeavors and we can help guide you to your goals. Raising capital, maintaining good credit and cash flow, and creating infrastructure that your business needs are some of the benefits that you can expect from Majek Solutions. Our advisors will help you understand your new roles and responsibilities as a business owner and can help you prepare your business now for the future that you want to have.

Our Solutions

Through our expertise and guidance, we assist clients in diversifying their portfolios to better position them to protect, preserve, and create wealth through investing. For many years, large-scale investors including pension funds, have been generating impressive and sustainable returns by investing in real estate.

How can we help you?

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I wonder why banks are not as customer focussed as companies like Majek Solutions. Perhaps they don’t care for my business as much Chief Francis and his team does!

Woodbridge, ON

Majek Solutions


      1-168A Oakdale Road,     Toronto, ON M3N 2S5


I wonder why banks are not as customer focussed as companies like Majek Solutions. Perhaps they don’t care for my business as much Chief Francis and his team does!

Woodbridge, ON

My bank wasted three weeks of my time. I had to make several trips to the bank using public transit, and sometimes using a cab working hours so tight. At the end I was put in such an awkward situation that I could not decide what to do. I needed a second mortgage and I was sent through hell, obviously nothing good came out of it. A colleague of mine suggested Majek Solution and I am glad I listened to her. In one week I had the application approved and not to mention so many other savings I was given. I will recommend Majek Solutions to everyone who is fed up with the big bullies.

Etobicoke, ON

Our free consultation, live customer support, open 7 days a week and by appointment for the weekends, onsite interactive free financial seminars, free membership to discounts, free financial initial advisory, diverse language services, are just a few of our invaluable services. Call us today!

Chief Francis Oyawale
Chairman, Majek Solutions Inc.

I had thought that this company not being a bank won’t be able to help me and get a second mortgage so easily. To my surprise the agent’s knowledge and preparation amazed me.

Woodbridge, ON

We wanted to buy our first home but could not afford a huge mortgage. Majek Solutions gave us a presentation on various choices and we decided to buy a condo. We are paying a little over rent, but now own the property that we are living in. Thanks to Majek Solutions Inc., we are now home owners.

Jane and Keith
Burlington, ON

My own bank refused me the mortgage I wanted for my first house. Why? because I am self-employed. I am certain that the bank guy did not have complete information on all programs that are available for people like us. Majek Solution told me something during my first conversation over the phone with him, and I knew it was right there. Today I am a proud owner of a house and a commercial property. If I kept on the assurance of my bank I’d still be paying rent. Thank you, Majek Solutions

Scarborough, ON

Majek Solutions Inc. are great. That’s all I have to say.

Oakville, ON

We are paying a mortgage for over 9 years and needed some money to upgrade our basement. Instead of using our credit cards, Majek Solutions got us a 2nd mortgage using which we have a stunning basement now. My husband was able to buy a pool table, and we are having our parties there. We never knew we had that money, just up for grabs.

Brampton, ON

I am a really lazy guy when it comes to paperwork. I knew I will get a pre-approval easily but I was always busy with games, travelling and TV. Chief and his team snapped up the whole application in one sitting and got everything that was required before I even knew. It was just incredible efficiency. These guys mean business.

Toronto, ON